11:11 - 27/10/2023

The 4th Vietnam Symposium in Global Economic Issues (VSGE-2023) will take place on 30 - 31 October, 2023 at HUB

The Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts (AVSE Global) and the Ho Chi Minh University of Banking (HUB) are pleased to announce the 4th Vietnam Symposium in Global Economic Issues (VSGE-2023), which will take place on 30 - 31 October, 2023 in Vietnam. This event benefits from the support of De Montfort University and the Emerging Markets Society.

The 4th Vietnam Symposium in Global Economic Issues VSGE2023 will take place on 30  31 October 2023 at HUB

The VSGE is broadly intended to provide a platform for academics, practitioners, researchers and policymakers from various fields to exchange knowledge and evolutions of disciplines related to international trade policy, the impacts of globalisation, the experience of countries at different levels of development and the interaction of different countries, different institutions in the global context. Participants will also have an excellent opportunity for presenting new researches, exchanging information and discussing current issues of international economics, business and finance.

The symposium attracted the attention of 107 (groups of) authors, of which 59 papers that passed the review process will present and discuss in-person and online. Topics of the papers are in all areas of international economics, business and finance, including: Climate Policy; Climate Risks: Modelling and Assessment; COVID-19 and International Business; Cross-border Activities of Firms; Digitalisation and Economic Growth; Economic and Financial Integration; Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Performance; Exchange Rate Dynamics and Pass-through; Global Supply Chain Management; Global Value Chain; Globalisation and Business Environment; International Corporate Governance; International Factor Mobility; International Finance; International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money; Macroeconomic Uncertainty; Monetary and Fiscal Policies; Regional and International Migration; Risk Management; Social Responsibility and Sustainability; Technological Forecasting and Social Change; Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Trade Network, Spillover Effects, and Policies; Trade, Investment and Growth.

In two days, there will be 20 sessions including 4 overall sessions and 16 parallel sessions with the participation of more than 100 scientists, researchers and students. In particular, in an era marked by rapid urbanisation and growing environmental concerns, the convergence of sustainable finance and inclusive growth emerges as a pivotal force shaping the future of our cities. The Policy Roundtable Session with the topic “Sustainable Finance and Inclusive Growth: The Future of Cities” will brings together experts, thought leaders, and policymakers to explore innovative solutions at the intersection of finance and urban development.