Business Partners

Ho Chi Minh University of Banking (HUB) pays great attention to our cooperation relationships with enterprises and organizations; aiming to form a cohesive ecosystem that brings benefits to all parties, especially students. The university has built a comprehensive cooperation relationship with hundreds of partners who are commercial banks, financial institutions, domestic and foreign enterprises, and international professional organizations.

The cooperation relationship between the university and enterprises is reflected in the following aspects:

  • Cooperation in training: At HUB, enterprises participate in the training process of the University by contributing ideas in the process of developing academic programs; coordinating and supporting the University in organizing field trip and internship programs at enterprises; being lecturers, reporters who participate in practice activities, thematic reports, skills training etc. Since then, HUB's training activities are closely linked with labor market demand and employers' needs. In contrast, HUB also provides short-term and long-term training programs in accordance with the needs of businesses.
  • Fundings, scholarships and facilities: Enterprises and strategic partners support and contribute to annual HUB scholarship funds for students, to help students with difficult circumstances having the will to rise up in their study. Enterprises and organizations also support the university in investing in the construction of facilities and equipment for research and teaching such as: Banking practice room, Virtual Stock Exchange, Basic system Thomson Reuters database…

Recruitment: This is a very important coordination mechanism between HUB and businesses, both helping students find job and internship opportunities; while creating conditions for businesses and partner banks to approach and recruit suitable staff. At HUB, the Job Fair is held annually to help businesses promote their image and recruitment needs, create a forum for exchanges between businesses and students, and assist students in finding internships. , jobs into the right businesses. Other activities such as career orientation seminars, internship programs, face-to-face recruitment interview programs are also held regularly.

Cooperation in scientific research and technology transfer: With a team of leading experts in the fields of: finance, banking, business administration, marketing, accounting - auditing, law, language, technology information technology, data science, artificial intelligence ... HUB has been and wishes to continue promoting cooperation in implementing joint research projects, technology transfer, consulting solutions and strategies for businesses.

Start-up support activities: HUB cooperates with Enterprises to carry out innovative activities for students: together with enterprises Participate in guiding students to start a business, promoting the spirit of innovation.

Some of our business partners: