Accounting - Auditing

Accounting is called a profession that “makes the numbers speak”. It is a job that includes the main activities of collecting, processing, examining, analyzing and providing economic and financial information of businesses and organizations to related parties. With millions of businesses and organizations in operation, a recent statistic shows that every year hundreds of thousands of businesses, in which the indispensable function is accounting, are born in all regions and fields of operation. movement of the economy. Besides working as an accountant at businesses and organizations, there are also attractive and promising job positions at auditing companies, accounting services, state audit organizations... This proves that the job in accounting and auditing is always one of the most popular and interesting jobs. Pursuing a career in accounting, in the future you can become an accountant, practicing auditor; a financial or internal control assistant to the Board of Directors of a business, or organization; established and operated an accounting and auditing business providing financial, tax and auditing related services to organizations and individual clients.


  • Careful, meticulous in each job, ability to concentrate and high sense of responsibility and discipline.
  • Respect the principles, honest, dynamic, eager to learn.
  • Love accounting and love numbers, have logical thinking, have the ability to analyze and synthesize data.

With more than 20 years of training in accounting and auditing, HUB is one of the leading training institutions in the field of accounting and auditing in the South. Here, “ you will have access to a modern training environment in which your role will be challenged, and you will be trained to become an excellent professional, with lifelong learning skills, capable of adapting in the conditions of rapid technological advancement, especially in the era of digital technology and artificial intelligence ”. 


Both programs are built on the basis of closely following the needs of society, approaching the training programs of prestigious universities in the world; many subjects and majors are taught entirely in English. Many modern-oriented subjects, teaching staff and teaching conditions are specially invested to meet the needs of accounting and auditing human resources in the context of international integration and digital transformation.

Typical subjects in the accounting training program at HUB include:

  • Accounting principles
  • Financial accountant
  • Management accounting
  • Audited financial statements
  • Bank audit
  • International accountant
  • Analyze accounting data with Python
  • Visualize accounting data with Python

To be able to study accounting at HUB, candidates who apply for general admission to a high-quality program will be able to choose to study one of three majors (Finance - Banking, Business Administration, Accounting). HUB uses admission methods including: High school graduation exam scores, Admission priority and academic records review, assessment test results of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City. 


Graduates have the ability to research, plan, implement and solve professional problems related to the fields of accounting, auditing, and internal control in the context of international integration and the digital era. Specifically, accounting graduates at BUH have the ability to work in businesses, banks, financial institutions, auditing firms, domestic and foreign consulting firms such as:

  • Accountant;
  • Internal control experts;
  • Internal auditors at enterprises and banks;
  • Auditing assistants at auditing companies, state audit organizations;
  • Accounting, tax and financial consultant;
  • Tellers at banks.

In addition, graduates can also work at state management agencies, tax authorities, start a business or continue studying at a higher level to become lecturers and researchers at institutions. training institutes, research institutes…


During the course of studying accounting at HUB, students are facilitated to join the Club of Accountants, Future Auditors (abbreviated as FAAC), Student Club for Scientific Research and other questions. other cultural and sports clubs with the aim of fostering and improving students' knowledge, reducing the gap between theory and practice, and orienting careers for students majoring in Accounting; At the same time, coordinate with reputable training organizations to organize short-term skill courses for club members such as communication skills, job application skills, time management skills, working skills, etc. groups… The clubs regularly cooperate with outside businesses and organizations to organize seminars to introduce career opportunities, prepare for the accounting and auditing profession, business exchanges, and introductions. and try international accounting certificates such as ACCA, ICAEW, etc.

HUB and the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing are currently collaborating with many partners such as Vietnam Association of Certified Public Accountants (VACPA), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), MISA Software Company, auditing companies large, businesses, banks... to connect in the development of training in accounting and auditing to match international trends by extra-curricular activities, field trips to banks, enterprises, practice and practice so that learners can quickly approach reality. The majority of graduates work in the right major at commercial banks, enterprises, auditing firms...


Lecturers from the faculty


  • Standard program (program specification here)
  • High quality program (program specification here)