Our Research

          Together with the education and training of high-quality human resources, the mission of Ho Chi Minh University of Banking (HUB) is to provide the society and the banking industry with influential research with the same vision of becoming a pioneer in interdisciplinary research and problem-solving. Therefore, in HUB's strategy and operation, scientific research is always one of the important pillars.

Over the years, with supportive and encouraging policies to promote scientific research activities, HUB has made positive and strong changes which are reflected in the quantity and quality of scientific research works. study tends to increase. In 2021, the University's lecturers and researchers have completed 03 ministerial and provincial projects; 23 grassroots-level topics and 295 domestic scientific articles. The school focuses on research for consulting and policy recommendations for the government, ministries and localities; technology transfer and consulting services for business and banking systems.

In addition to influential researches for the academic community, regulatory agencies, and businesses in the country. The quantity and quality of the university's international publications have had strong and positive changes in recent years. In particular, the number of scientific articles in the Web of Science and Scopus categories of HUB in the academic year 2019 is more than 88 articles, an increase of 6 times compared to 2016. This number has continued to be maintained and grown steadily over the years. then 90 articles in 2020 and 104 articles in 2021, bringing HUB into the top of the group of economics universities with the best international publications in Vietnam. International publication is the highlight, marking a breakthrough in scientific research activities of the University, demonstrating the orientation of integration and internationalization in scientific research activities, and the desire to discover, contribute contribute new knowledge to mankind.

In addition, the scientific research activities of students in recent years have also prospered with milestones and awards honoring HUB students such as: 01 Third Prize - Science Research Student Award in 2021; 01 First Prize - The 5th Econometrics and Applied Olympiad Prize in 2020; 01 Second Prize - 22nd Euréka Scientific Research Student Award in 2020; And many other typical awards have also honored HUB students.

In recent years, HUB has also successfully organized many domestic and international scientific conferences, and HUB's scientific seminars have become prestigious and influential forums connecting domestic and international scholars. , policy makers, businesses.



The Asian Journal of Economics and Banking (AJEB), affiliated to HUB, formerly known as the Journal of Banking Technology, was established and published its first issue in 2004.  In 2017 , The Journal started publishing the English version, and from January 1, 2019, both English and Vietnamese versions  were renamed to Asian Journal of Economics and Banking – AJEB). These are important milestones marking the process of internationalization, expanding the field and sphere of influence of the Journal. Asian Economics and Banking (AJEB) has become an open-access international journal, publishing high-quality articles as well as the latest and highly influential economic research, especially banking and finance sector. The English version of AJEB) has officially appeared on the database of EMERALD International Publishing House since June 2020. According to Vietnam Citation Gateway, AJEB belongs to the group of 4 economic-business journals with only the highest impact factor.