International Academic Partnerships

Overviews of the international cooperation activities of Ho Chi Minh University of Banking (HUB)

        Ho Chi Minh University of Banking (HUB) is one of the pioneering universities promoting the process of international integration and cooperation in training, scientific research, and other academic activities. Since August 2004, HUB has established the Center for International Cooperation - the forerunner of today's International Training Institute.



HUB has built a network of partners with more than 40 prestigious universities, including the United States, UK, Finland, Switzerland, Australia, China, and universities in Southeast Asia in the areas of scientific research, quality assurance, exchange of lecturers, students, cultural exchanges, study tours, bringing practical benefits to the teaching staff and learners.

In 2005, HUB began to implement an associate program of undergraduate and master's degrees with the University of Bolton, United Kingdom. This is one of the first international training joint programs in Vietnam, more than 2500 students, students attended and graduated from the program. In 2019, HUB together with the University of Bolton, continued to develop doctoral training cooperation in cooperation with the University of Toulon, France, to implement the International Bachelor's Program, the International Dual Degree program in Insurance- Finance - Banking, and the Master of Corporate  Finance and Management Control program.


HUB has signed and implemented many contracts to exchange lecturers, students, academic exchanges, training links with prestigious universities  in the world such as University of Adelaide, Australia (Top 107 in the World), Macquarie University, Australia (Top 250 World), Griffith University, Australia,  Schmakelden University (Germany), East China National University, Northwestern Swiss University of Applied Sciences, University of Amsterdam Netherlands, UMK University Malaysia, Songkla University, Thailand, San Beda University, Philippines, Laos Banking Academy, Banking Training Center of the National Bank of Cambodia, ...   Over the years, HUB has received hundreds of international students to study degree-granted programs and student award programs.  Many lecturers and students of HUB have been sent to teach, study and exchange culture abroad.



HUB also performs the task of fostering and improving the high quality human resources for Laotian and Cambodian Government such as: Transferring and exporting high-quality training programs to Laos Banking Academy, training students and staffs at university level,  postgraduate under the agreement, professional training courses, short-term training…


HUB undertakes many projects of scientific research and training, innovation, social work with European countries and countries in ASEAN such as: The joint program and cooperation between universities in China and Vietnam with universities in Europe to learn practical experiences in the construction of subjects and training program (Erasmus+ Jeul Program), Research Cooperation Project with University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City and University of Birmingham in the British Academy Newton Mobility  Scholarship Program (Newton Fund Program), Startup Program for Community Economic Development (SEED),  Personal Financial Savings Education Program within the framework of  a Memorandum of Synthesis between the State Bank of Vietnam With the International Cooperation Fund of German Savings Banks (SBFIC).  (Savings Games),  AAF (Australia Award Fellowship) Program, RENPER (Regional Network on Poverty Eradication) program…

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List of our typical partners 


University of  Adelaide (Australia)


University of  Bolton (UK)


  Erasmus JEUL+


Griffith University  (Australia)


University of  Toulon (France)


Macquarie University  (Australia)


University of  Lincoln (New Zealand)


State  University of  Chinan (Taiwan)


  Yuan Ze  University (Taiwan)


British Council (United Kingdom)


To learn more about our international programs, please visit or contact us at (+84) 96 71 89 199