Organizational Structure

1. University Board

2. Rector and Vice Rectors

3. Scientific and Academic council; Advisory councils 

4. Education and Research Council Management Department
4.1. General Administration Office 
4.2. Department of Personnel Affairs 
4.3. Department of Academic Affairs 
4.4. Department of Admission Consultancy and Brand Development 
4.5. Department of Testing and Quality Asurance 
4.6. Department of Inspectorate 
4.7. Department of Student Affairs
4.8. Department of Information Technology Management 
4.9. Department of Finance and Accounting
4.10. Department of Facilities Management
4.11. Library 

5. Faculties/ Academic Department
5.1. Faculty of Banking
5.2. Faculty of Finance
5.3. Faculty of Business Administration 
5.4. Faculty of Accounting and Auditing 
5.5. Faculty of International Economics 
5.6. Faculty of Foreign Languges 
5.7. Faculty of  Management Information Systems 
5.8. Faculty of  Economic Law 
5.9. Faculty of Political Studies 
5.10. Faculty of  Postgraduate Education
5.11. Department of Economic Mathematics 
5.12. Department of Physical Training 

6. Centres
6.1. Centre for Student Support Services 
6.2. Centre for Economics, Finance and Banking Traning 
6.3. Centre for Foreign Languages and Informatics 

7. Subordinate Unit
7.1. Institute for Research Science and Banking Technology
7.2. Saigon International Business School

8. Vietnam Communist Party ‘s organization

9. Unions and Social organization 
9.1. Trade Union 
9.2. Youth Union
9.3. Student Association