Student Support

Student support is identified as one of the key services to offer assistance in academics and various other aspects so that learners may find satisfaction, happiness, and motivation towards attaining high results in their study at the HUB. This cannot be achieved without over forty years’ providing education and training for collegian generations of different programmes, majors, etc. The service incessantly receives attention and efforts from the HUB management and staff in order that the refining learner-centered approach extends to students comprehensive care of and counsel on lifestyles, learning methods, social aids programmes, job opportunities, experiential learning courses, etc.

Numerous support services are proffered by the Department of Student Affairs, Centre for Student Support Services, and Department of Academic Affairs. Moreover, the Youth Union and Student Association host abundant interesting extra-curricular activities to build personality in the community and society. The different services fall into 6 areas as follows: Administration, Information, Counsel, Profession and Industry, Scholarships and Community, and Continual Guidance towards Graduation.

  1. Administration

The Department of Student Affairs issues various documents related to student’s id, social grants, etc. Besides, the department helps undergraduates with grant, tuition support, and social support policies. Several billion of VND in value is annually granted apart from over 7 billion of VND which is awarded to BUH students in the form of study encouragement and banking scholarships.

  1. Information

The Department of Student Affairs compiles two up-to-date and useful handbooks: Student’s Handbook, and Internship Handbook. 

Student’s Handbook is published at the beginning of every academic year with a target readership of freshmen, covering basic but essential information about the rights, duties, activities, study, etc. that students are entitled to at the HUB so that they can play an active role in their own study.

Internship Handbook aims at seniors to provide guidance on basic knowledge, skills and experience applicable in internship and industry.

  1. Counsel

The Department of Student Affairs manages all the academic counsel through several hundred academic consultants who do not only offer guidance and help students with academic and personal puzzles but also act as a bridge between collegians and HUB. The department bridges the gap between the school and students, answering the latter’s questions as well as puzzles via the Q&A Chatterbox on the HUB’s official website, which has dealt successfully thousands of questions about the services and assistance that HUB departments, faculties, units, offices offer to students. Besides, the department hosts the forum “Dialogue with the HUB”, which annually serves as a channel of direct exchange between students and the school towards the building and development of the HUB image and brand name after collecting the former’s valuable questions, puzzles, suggestions and requests.

  1. Profession and Industry 

The Department of Student Affairs maintains liaison between employers from the industry and HUB undergraduates in three aspects: agreements with businesses, internship and career support, creative and innovative programmes.

HUB’s learners are allowed – with the help of agreements with donating businesses - access to businesses’ new products and services in economy, finance, accounting, and business administration before leaving school through training-potential-talents programmes through which participants are entitled to authentic and real-life experiences from the industry with no fees or charges.

Internship and career support attracts thousands of students to annual HUB Career Day, vocational workshops, and profession seminars, recruiting-intern workshops, career-counselling seminars and numerous support activities during undergraduates’ internship and in their career paths after graduation.

Creative and innovative programmes offer collegians not only academic competitions to foster contestants’ innovation and creation, but also workshops on innovation, creation and business start-up, among which is SV.HUB_STARTUP – an annual competition at the HUB to prepare students for the national contest entitled “Students and Start-up” as well as other similar competitions. 

  1. Scholarships and Community

The Centre for Student Support Services raises fund to help undergraduates who possess strong will to overcome poverty and daily difficulties during higher education and to present scholarships in accordance with donating businesses’ standards. Over VND 1 billion is awarded every year to nurture awardees’ dream of college education despite hardships, students’ humanity in life, and empathy with other collegians towards a bright future.

Moreover, HUB students also have many opportunities to take part in such practical simple voluntary charity activities for the community as the Green Summer Campaign, Spring Volunteers, Blood Donation Day, etc. to foster humanity, benevolence, and national pride.

  1. Continual Guidance towards Graduation

The Department of Academic Affairs updates education programmes, guidance, and academic information to help students not only conform to MOE’s as well as HUB’s standards, rules, and regulations but also develop a comprehensive insight into their own educational path and realise the afore-designed objectives and plans. 

The continually-updated guidance and support with various painstaking activities provide students with essential information to tailor the best study plan by themselves.