Economic Law

Economic Law - Legal shield in the marketplace
“Economic Law” means business activities of individuals and organizations in society and the economic management of the state. Learn “Economic Law” to protect the legitimate interests of society, the state, and people involved in business.

“Economic Law” covers many different aspects of business activities from establishing and operating businesses to buying and selling goods, providing services, credit, investment, securities, insurance, and intellectual property. , labor, real estate business, competition, settlement of arising disputes. Understanding "economic law" is likened to a legal shield in the marketplace, helping us to "cure" when disputes and legal issues arise in business, commerce and more importantly, " prevention” so that these adverse situations do not happen.
Extensive career opportunities

Graduates of Law and Economic Law have diverse job opportunities. In addition to the work positions that are considered exclusive to "sons of the law" such as: judge, prosecutor, lawyer, enforcer, notary, auctioneer and many other judicial positions; graduates of economic law can also work in state agencies and political organizations; in the legal, administrative and human resources departments of the enterprise; Or become a lecturer or researcher. In the world and in Vietnam, law schools are also the cradles of training many famous politicians, entrepreneurs, managers and executives.
New direction in law training of HUB

Banking University City. Ho Chi Minh City (HUB) inherits 45 years of experience in teaching and training in the fields of economics, business management, law, etc., learns from domestic and international law training experience, and has a separate direction. Law training model at Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City is a combination of legal knowledge, legal practice skills and special knowledge in corporate governance, finance - banking, digital orientation.

In order to be able to better meet future jobs, at HUB Students can choose to study supporting knowledge by majors with orientation in finance - banking, digital transformation in the legal profession, business administration, or dual majors (2 university degrees). Students can also learn professional knowledge outside of the law profession through a variety of unions, associations, clubs, and academic competitions.
Law practice skills such as criticism, presentation, drafting, negotiation, contract negotiation, etc. are developed through a variety of skills courses and extracurricular activities. Students also have the opportunity to approach and experience reality through real-life situations, real cases, discussions with legal experts, organizing and participating in mock trials by themselves..


                              Students from the faculty of law joining Law contest


                                                 HUB student mock trial 

HUB has a team of lecturers who are experienced and enthusiastic legal experts, and leading experts in the fields of economics, business administration, finance and banking, and digital transformation. That is a solid foundation for future generations.
In 2022, HUB will apply for admission to the Faculty of Economic Law by two methods: based on the results of the competency assessment exam of VNU-HCM. Ho Chi Minh City and the results of the high school graduation exam.

                                            Lecturers from the faculty

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