Our Campuses


The facilities of Ho Chi Minh University of Banking (HUB) are enough to ensure 12 000 regular students: There are 02 campuses in the city center of District 1 and 01 campus in Thu Duc district with a total area of 83 140 m2. There are more than 147 lecture rooms with whiteboards, projectors and full conditions for facilitating and organizing classes, conferences and seminars.

                                                                             Thu Duc Campus


                                                          Campus on Ton That Dam street, District 1


                                                           Campus on Ham Nghi street, District 1

The Great Hall of the University is spacious and modern at Thu Duc campus with a capacity of 900 seats:

                                                                        The Great Hall in Thu Duc campus


                                                                The Great Hall in District 1


                                                                                  Amphitheater A


The library with a total area of 6 666 m2 offers books, textbooks, reference materials in Vietnamese and foreign languages to meet all academic training as well as scientific research requirements. With two modern and spacious buildings there are nearly 47 000 titles, 359 000 copies of books of all kinds, 20 computers exclusively equipped for the Library with high-speed internet connection and access to a number of databases. 16 laboratories, experimental rooms, practice facilities are offered with modern computer system and simulation practice. The school put into use a digital library system having an access to both domestic and international database systems such as the National Agency for Science and Technology Information - NASATI, the electronic magazine of the Center for Information and Communication of VNU, Hanoi. In addition, there is a number of other electronic databases such as World Bank Database, ProQuestCentral Database, ScienceDirec Database, Multidisciplinary Electronic Journal Database: SAGE e-Journals, Electronic Journals Database specialized in economics: Emerald e-Journals, Elsevier-ScienceDirect e-book database, iG Publishing e-book database…

                                                                                        The library


                                                                                Lecturers' building in Thu Duc campus


The university provides a 328-room dormitory for students in Thu Duc campus, right next to the lecture hall and the library, with a capacity for over 2 600 people, including a 4-storey dormitory with 40 special rooms full of amenities.

                                                         Green corner in front of the dormitaty

There are also 09 computer rooms (02 rooms in District 1, 07 rooms in Thu Duc) with about 420 computers with strong configuration, all connected to the Internet to serve the needs of students at all levels. Students also get access to a banking activities simulation room.



                                            Students and lecturers in computer and simulation rooms


A wireless network system covers all the areas at Thu Duc campus to ensure that lecturers, students and parents can quickly access the network system.

Moreover, HUB offers different facilities for sports training such as a running track, a football field, areas for volleyball, handball, table tennis, and badminton practice etc


                                                                The gymnasium in Thu Duc Campus


                                                              Students learning badminton 


                                                                       Students practicing football


                                                                        Ready to be on the field

Some other photos from our campuses

                                                         Amphitheater C, right next to the tennis court


                                                   A little relaxing green corner in Thu Duc campus


                                                                      Pathway to lecture halls