Modern and spacious campus

 Ho Chi Minh University of Banking (HUB) possesses 02 modern campuses in the city center of District 1 and 01 spacious green campus in Thu Duc district with a total area of 83 140m2. There are more than 147 lecture rooms with whiteboards, projectors and full conditions for facilitating and organizing classes, conferences and seminars.

                                            Headquarter on Ton That Dam street, District 1


                                                           Ham Nghi Campus , District 1


                                                                  Thu Duc campus 

The main hall of the University is spacious and modern at Thu Duc campus with a capacity of 900 seats. Here is the place that holds most of the university's big events and is the art parformance center for generations of students.

The library with a total area of ​​6 666m2 offers books, textbooks, reference materials in Vietnamese and foreign languages to meet all academic training as well as scientific research requirements. Students have access to nearly 47 000 titles, nearly 359 000 copies of books of all kinds. The library is also especially equipped with 20 computers with fast bandwidth, ensuring research activities and detabase access for 600 users at once.


                                                                                            The library at HUB