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The English Language – The industry of ‘bridge makers’ 

The 2016 World Power Language Index (PLI), published by World Economic Forum (WEF), indicated that the English language is still the most influential and powerful language in the world. English is the official language used not only in daily communication but also in politics, diplomacy, business, science, tourism, culture, and art. Thus, people who have a good command of English will work as ‘bridge makers’ and have more advantages as well as career opportunities in all fields.

The Faculty of Foreign Languages of Ho Chi Minh City University of Banking (HUB) aims at providing students with deep understanding of language theories and of cultures of English-speaking countries and the ability to use English skills fluently. The training program has been designed to include foundation knowledge of social science, language skills, linguistic and English theories, British and American cultures and literatures and multi-leveled translation and interpretation.

English majors of HUB can choose either Business English Program or English-Chinese Bilingual Program.

 Business English Program: In addition to the foundation knowledge of English language, Business English-majored students can learn specialized English terminology and background knowledge in the fields of business, administration, commerce, and marketing in different courses including English for Business Law, Business English, English for Human Resource Management, English for Marketing, etc. The program also provides opportunities for students to consolidate and practice a variety of English skills, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing in daily and professional communication, translation and interpretation in economics and commerce, presentation, and other personal skills.


English-Chinese Bilingual Program:

Chinese is also one of the most spoken languages in the world along with English with a population of more than 1.4 billion people in Mainland China and huge Chinese-speaker communities all around the world. Enterprises from Mainland China and Chinese Taipei are also among the largest foreign investors in Vietnam, which leads to greater demand for human resources with good knowledge of Business Chinese. HUB students who major in English can also choose the English-Chinese Bilingual Program.

In addition to the foundation knowledge of English language, students of the English-Chinese Bilingual Program are provided with opportunities to consolidate and practice not only English skills, such as listening, speaking, reading, writing, as well as English-Vietnamese and Vietnamese-English translation and interpretation in commerce, but also knowledge and skills of using General Chinese and Business Chinese in different courses. In addition, students are also equipped with a good understanding of Chinese communication culture and Chinese in finance and banking. Students of this major are not only fluent in English but also in Chinese.

Graduates from these programs of HUB have a diversity of job opportunities and can take up a various job positions, as follows:

- Group 1: Translators and interpreters working in diplomatic offices, publishing companies, news agencies, media companies, television stations, enterprises, international organizations, and non-governmental organizations.

- Group 2: Assistants and specialists in international relations and foreign affairs. These people can work in diplomatic agencies, ministries, local governmental offices, non-governmental organizations, multinational companies, state agencies, and academic institutions etc.

- Group 3: Teachers at universities, colleges, academies, foreign language centers as long as they have obtained TESOL/TEFL certificate for adequate pedagogical competencies.

- Group 4: Office staff of administration, human resources, marketing, and sales. These people can work in commercial banks, financial institutions, import-export companies, and other organizations and businesses with foreign elements.

In addition to their mainstream curriculum, HUB’s English majors can participate in academic competitions, English music competitions and a variety of activities organized by the university’s English clubs to experience and sharpen their skills. Great achievements in prestigious academic exams have confirmed the capacity of HUB’s English majors. Moreover, international voluntary activities, cultural exchange programs, and student exchange programs organized by HUB and its international partners have paved the way for the students to practice and improve their language abilities, social knowledge accumulation, and international culture experience. In addition, active participation in other activities organized by the Youth Union and Student Union is a chance for students to demonstrate their positive attitudes and responsibility towards the University and the society.

     With more than 15 years of experience, HUB is one of the leading prestigious English language training units of Ho Chi Minh City and of the country. HUB’s Faculty of Foreign Languages ​is a team of enthusiastic qualified lecturers with deep and wide professional knowledge, having graduated from major universities in Vietnam and in other countries, such as the United States, UK, Australia, China. The teaching staff has always been working hard to improve their expertise and creativity in exploring, updating and applying changes in the field of languages and teaching methods to meet the increasing requirements of the society and learners.

In addition, HUB’s interdisciplinary training, with many second-degree training programs and academic clubs taking place in an open academic environment under the instructions of a team of leading experts in professional fields, also offers English majors opportunities to accumulate knowledge in economics, business management, finance, banking, law, technology, etc. 

Becoming English-language students at HUB with sufficient knowledge and skills to work in multicultural environments is suitable for those who have a passion about foreign languages and social studies. In fact, a personal with an extrovert mindset, dynamic attitudes, and deep passion about social issues (e.g., international history, literature, and culture) could find that the English language programme is a right choice for their career path as well as professional development.

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